Jeana Theron X Diageo

I made this really cool ad for J&B and Free The Bid did a feature article on me because it was thanks to them that I got my foot in the door in the pitching process and consequently won the job. For those of you who don’t know, Free the Bid is an initiative that is urging for at least 1 female director to be included in the bidding process. As a result Diageo is one of the many forward thinking companies that has pledged for this policy. This meant that the agency had to brief a woman. They didn’t have to choose me. Fortunately for me, I won the job on merit because my pitch was great, but may not have been on the pitching list if it wasn’t for this initiative.

We can’t deny the systemic problem of a lack of women and people of colour in positions of power in the film and other industries . I’m so pleased that there is a new wave of thinking that is pro diversity. Of course, I do not at all condemn white males - it’s just time now for everyone.

I’d love you to read the article (click title) and you can learn more about the ad and all the amazing people who worked on it. Much of my key crew were women as you will see in the credits.

We did the entire ad in camera, but designed the set in post. In the video below you will see one of our preliminary designs and plans for camera moves. Obviously take a look at the ad (under GENERAL) to understand the entire process.

The previz was primarily designed by Collin O’Mara Davis, overseen by myself and Julie Bonnet, the Art Director. Collin also designed the amazing art work on the dress. Below take a look at some of the behind the scenes.